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Boost sales with customer experience - a CX guru tells you how?

I recently met Jaakko Männistö, a well-known customer experience professional from Scandinavia. Jaakko has a lot of interesting ideas about why customer experience really matters. I interviewed him so that all of my fantastic LinkedIn readers can learn about his ideas too.

Why is customer experience important in the first place?

It’s always been important. But in today's world, when technology is evolving so rapidly, the experience you offer to your customer is the only way to create a sustainable competitive edge.

Ensuring a high-quality customer experience is a great way to pump up your sales. And isn't that the point of a good customer relationship?

Your customers buy more and they are happy to do so!

Okay. So what is the best way to turn customer experience into sales?

The simplest and best way is to upsell, using the customer-experience data that you collect. This is a process that can be automated. You automatically offer different deals to different customers on the basis of their mood and behaviour.

This way you can quickly and easily expand the average size of the customer basket.

There are many benefits of improving customer experience and many ways of converting customer experience into sales. But upselling is the easiest and fastest way.

What does it mean in practice to upsell through customer experience?

First we find out what the customer’s experience has been. Whether the context is a retail brick-and-mortar store or eCommerce, we offer a perk to customers in exchange for their feedback. Once we have their responses, we thank them by offering something more.

For example, in the case of our retail customers, we have a 5% discount that we routinely give to anyone who has expressed dissatisfaction with some aspect of their experience. And we actually manage to bring almost 100% of them back and sell them 20% more.

It’s about paying attention to what your customers tell you, and showing that you’re listening.

That is what results in new sales. Simple as that.

Well, can´t companies do this kind of thing with their existing marketing tools?

The problem is that most companies don't even have a good-quality marketing database. Which is crazy! So there’s no targeting. They’re just offering the same generic offers to everyone.

What we do is measure the customer experience and communicate with the customer using what we have learned. We tailor our response. This is something that companies often can’t do by themselves.

But how do you reach to the customer in order to measure the customer experience?

Software. We have created a software program that you can use to measure your customer’s experience and then upsell to that customer. This is software that can be deployed easily and practically everywhere.

We can interact with the customer at any point in the customer journey, from websites to brick-and-mortar. It really doesn’t matter whether we reach the customer through his mobile phone or through a kiosk in a store front. We can create the upsell the same way.

In one hotel chain that we worked with, this meant bringing the measurement tool into the rooms with simple stickers and brochures. What we learned made it possible to bring many of the customers back to the hotel in a way that bypassed the big reservation systems.

So the hotel made  30k€ more sales from customers it already had.

Doesn’t proactive upselling annoy the customers?

No. Not if you do it right. And the reason is very simple! We upsell in storefronts every day and it is a very basic, standard, everyday thing. The point is that you offer better service for the customer depending on how they feel.

Give customers more of what they tell you that they want.

Don’t try to push something on them that they’re not interested in.

There is no catch. No mystery. We are just offering the customer what he wants. That’s why good upsell works and why it generates more sales.

Makes sense. So why on earth would someone not do this?

Well, many companies squander sales opportunities simply because they fail to focus enough on their customers. So they don’t see the possibilities. And they do not understand the power of good customer experience and upsell as a consequence of understanding that experience.

What happens after the upsell is done?

Done? Are sales ever done? No, this process isn’t something you ”finish.” This is an ongoing process that you can use to make money from day one. And you keep going.

What we build helps our customers increase sales over the long haul, not for just a month or two.

Our goal is to create more business for our customer no matter what. We do not leave the customer to fend for himself after we get the ball rolling.

Sounds good. But how do my clients get started on all this?

Get in touch! I’ll always find the time to help people gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience. Anyone interested in pursuing this can email me at jaakko@feedbackly.com or give me a call at +358 443 488 016